Public Safety

Keeping our communities safe is a top priority for Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown. As our local lawmaker, Assemblywoman Brown has been a partner with our community in finding comprehensive solutions to help make our neighborhoods safer.

Through her legislative work, Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has: 

  • -Fought to increase funding for San Bernardino County Courts by $63 million, so that justice would be available to all (2014).
  • -Supported the creation of the Commercially Sexually Exploited Children’s Program to protect our children from predators. (SB 855 – 2013-14).
  • -Helped secure $209 million for emergency wildfire suppression and additional firefighting staff for San Bernardino County (SB 852 – 2013-14).

Cheryl Brown supported our firefighters and provided the funding for fire prevention, fighting and restoration of our forests (SB 83 – 2015).  This includes:

  • -Securing $61 million for 373 temporary firefighting positions to protect our mountains.
  • -Supporting $10 million for hiring and training new firefighters.
  • -Voting for $5 million to dispose of dangerous and illegal fireworks.
  • -Procurement of 12 new Cal Fire helicopters and 1 new air tanker to respond to forest fires faster and more effectively.
  • -Investing $440 million for flood protection services.
  • -Supporting $9.5 million for forest restoration.

Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has hosted various community meetings with local elected leaders, law enforcement officials, religious groups, and non-profits to tackle public safety concerns.

Her work on public safety issues has earned her the endorsement of Crime Victims United of California, a crime victim’s advocacy group that works to support and strengthen public safety, promote balance in the criminal justice system, and protect the rights of victims.

She has supported legislation that brings needed investments to keep our communities safe such as providing tools and resources for our public safety officials and additional funding for afterschool programs that help keep kids off of the streets.

Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown will continue to work with the community to find solutions. She is the only candidate for the 47th Assembly District supported by major public safety organizations and community leaders including:

  • -Kamala Harris, California Attorney General
  • -Joseph Paulino, Chief of the San Bernardino District Police Department
  • -California Association of Highway Patrolmen
  • -California Correctional Peace Officers Association
  • -CAL FIRE Local 2881
  • -Fontana Police Officers Association
  • -Crime Victims United of California


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