As a product of San Bernardino’s educational system at all levels, Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown stands committed to supporting our education system in the Inland Empire. She firmly believes education is a human right. That is why she has fought to ensure we continue to invest in California schools so our children remain competitive in our interconnected global economy.

As our assemblywoman, Cheryl Brown:

  • •Worked with her colleagues to ensure that through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) we restore accountability to our school systems while ensuring parental involvement and providing $4.75 billion in funding. As a result, the community now gets to decide how the school districts spend their money.
  • •Targeted funding for low income and English learning students statewide, not just in high concentration areas.
  • •Increased funding to CSU, UC by $250 million.
  • •Supported $15 million to UC Riverside to open a medical school (AB 94).
  • •Supported the Middle Class Scholarship for working families who otherwise would not qualify for financial aid.
  • •579 residents of the 47th Assembly District received Middle Class Scholarships in the amount of $417,628 (FY 2015-16).
  • •7,985 residents of the 47th Assembly District were awarded Cal Grants in the amount of $31,596,000 for (FY 2015-16).
  • •Paid down $5.2 billion in Prop 98 deferrals to K-12 and community colleges.
  • •Increased enrollment at Community Colleges by 2.75%.
  • •Increased the Cal Grant stipend for students by 12%. 


Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown believes all children should have the opportunity to seek the education they want, whether it be in the construction trades or in college. She has worked hard to ensure our diverse student body in the Inland Empire have equal access to a quality education. She has supported and created legislation that increases investments in education, early childhood development, after school programs and higher education.

As our Assemblywoman, Cheryl Brown has provided:

  • • Pathways for thousands of high school students to receive financial aid through workshops hosted by her office, and attend college.

  • • 1500 backpacks and thousands of dollars in school supplies for low-income students in need at her annual “Tools for Success” education forum.
  • • Support of legislation to protect our children while they learn in creating the “Gun Free School Zone,” which bans people from carrying licensed concealed guns onto school and college campuses.
  • •$500 million for teacher effectiveness training.
  • •$265 million for 13,930 child care and pre-school slots in California.
  • •$250 million in grants for career technical education. 

Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown is committed to education and will continue to support funding for teacher professional development, investments in education for disadvantaged students and students with disabilities, and any funding that will assist students pursuing higher education. When we invest in education, we invest in our children, and in turn a future full of opportunity.




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