Cheryl Brown | Jobs and the Economy

As we continue to rebuild and grow our economy, Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown continues the fight to bring more good-paying jobs to the Inland Empire.

Working Families
Cheryl Brown has made it a commitment to improve the conditions of California's workforce by supporting a minimum wage increase that gave more than 1 million working Californians a raise for the first time in years. She is also an advocate for an economy that supports working families and has voted for legislation that strengthened labor protections for domestic workers and homecare providers, and required employers to provide workers with paid sick leave. Cheryl Brown is committed to securing California’s fiscal future and has supported a budget that is balanced and builds a reserve.

Cheryl Brown is proudly endorsed by:

  • •Laborers’ International Union of North America, AFL-CIO
  • •California School Employees Association, AFL-CIO
  • •California Faculty Association
  • •Democratic Women of San Bernardino County
  • •AFSCME California PEOPLE, AFL-CIO
  • •United Domestic Workers of America, AFL-CIO
  • •California Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
  • •Hod Carriers and Laborers Local Union No. 783
  • •Union of American Physicians and Dentists, AFL-CIO
  • •United Steel Workers L&E Committee
  • •Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters


Economic Development
As a Member of the Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Committee and Chair of the Select Committee on Small Business in the Inland Empire, Cheryl Brown has fought hard to create policies that increases investments in her district, totaling more than $236,129,708 and $8,000,000 in tax credits, which have helped businesses create and save thousands of jobs. She has worked to increase trade with our nation’s allies, and help local entrepreneurs start new small businesses and expand existing ones. Locally, Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has been instrumental in:

  • •Helping the city of San Bernardino salvage properties that otherwise would have been lost to the highest bidder under the dissolution of redevelopment. These properties are in development, which will add to the city’s tax base.
  • •Voting to support AB 2 (Community Revitalization), a tool for local governments to create a planning and financing tool to support the revitalizations of disadvantaged communities, which include more affordable housing and tackling of blight, while fostering business activity and creating good jobs.
  • •Working with San Bernardino Unified School District and the Governor to fix a backlog on their personal board, which resulted in reducing the unemployment by 3% in San Bernardino and opening up more than 400 jobs with city schools.
  • •Helping the city of Rialto retain the Rialto Airport property, so that it could be redeveloped into retail businesses and shops for the benefit of local residence and a creation of a local tax base.
  • •Helping the city of Grand Terrace retain property that would have been lost to the State of California.
  • •Bringing more than $3,000,000 in tax credits to her district for seniors and low income housing, helping working families afford a place to call home.


Transportation & Economic Development
As a Member of the Transportation Committee, Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has been a critical partner in getting the resources and funds needed to rebuild our highways and bridges. She understands how important our infrastructure is in the movement of goods and support of our economy, as well as those who are just trying to get home from a long day at work.

By finding the resources needed to widen our highways and maintain our infrastructure, people can get to where they need to be in a timely manner and spend more valuable time with their friends and loved ones.

Locally, Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has been instrumental in:

  • •Assisting in getting funds for the Mt. Vernon/I-215 Bridge, Mt. Vernon/I-10 Freeway Interchange, Fugg Street/ BSNF & Colton Project and the Mt. Vernon bridge widening project in Colton.
  • •Getting a local hiring preference pilot project on the I-10 Pepper Exit widening project in Colton.


Small Businesses
As a small business owner for over 30 years, Cheryl Brown understands the importance of small businesses. Over two-thirds of businesses in our community are small business, making small businesses the backbone of our economy. As Chair of the Select Committee on Small Business in the Inland Empire Cheryl Brown has been hard at work on small business issues, collaborating with local and state leaders to write new laws that support entrepreneurial training programs and specialized assistance to small businesses in her district. As a result of her work she has:

  • •Helped small business get over $600,000 in tax credits and get more than $6,006,759 in assistance to start their business, expand their business, meet pay roll, hire new employees, or keep employees.
  • •Supported AB 1230 (California Americans with Disabilities Act Small Business Capital Access Loan Program) which helps small businesses access loans so they can comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • •Authored legislation to ensure that disabled veteran owned businesses are an active participant in receiving government contracts and that 25% of all government contracts are given to small business, the backbone of our economy.
  • •Voted to fund $2 million to support the Small Business Development Center Network Program (Senate Bill 854, 2013-14).
  • •Fought to speed up business filings by investing $6.2 million to reduce business filing wait times.




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